7. Meeting in Kato Achaia, Griechenland (12. bis 17. 03. 2015)

7. Meeting in Kato Achaia, Griechenland (12. bis 17. 03. 2015)

Hier ein Bericht unserer Schülerinnen über das Meeting. Und weil es ein internationales Projekt ist, diesmal auf Englisch:

On Thursday coming from Munich we Madlin, Veronika, Maria and Bianca with our teachers Mrs Zelenka and Mr Wunsch arrived in Athens. Then we headed by rented car to Kato Achaia.
When we arrived at the hotel, where our teachers stayed the host families took us to their homes.
In the evening most of us met at one host house to watch a movie all together.
There we were acquainted all together.
At the next morning we went to school were all the host students watched a movie about Alexander the Great. After the movie all teachers and students went to the Toixos of Dimea (ancient wall of Dimea) by bus. Hard to imagine how they could build up such a wall with no machines.
After that we went to the information centre about Strofilia. There we learnt something about the many birds in the strofilia forest.
The next station was the strofilia forest itself, it was very beautiful there.
The bus brought us to the beach of Kalogria where we collected some shells for our friends and families.
In the evening we went out for a coffee with the other students.

Saturday morning the coach brought us from the platia in Kato Achaia to the archeological museum of Patras where we saw ancient sculptures and skulls. The Greek orthodox church, where an orthodox priest welcomed us, was very interesting too.
We also went to an ancient amphitheatre where you could take pictures and you had a great view all over Patras.
In the Afternoon we went shopping in Patras with a few guys from other countries and the Greeks of course.
In the evening we had a party back in Kato Achaia.

On Sunday morning we headed to Olympia. There we had some time to buy souvenirs.
Then a travel guide showed us the ancient Olympia where the Olympic Games took place. She explained to us how important the games were and how impressive the ancient temples of Zeus and Hera and the stadium itself has been for athletes and spectators. Of course we sprinted from the original starting line.
Later on we took the ferry across the Gulf of Korinthos to see Nafpaktos where the important “battle of Lepanto” took place, where the Osmans were defeated. There we could go for an ice cream or a coffee.

On Monday we went to school where we made some physical experiments with the other host students. After that we had an meeting at the townhall with the major of Kato Achaia. He gave us many information about the region etc.
In school again the Greek students, who studied Greek traditional dances performed some for us. Soon we danced all together Syrtaki.

In the evening we went all together for our last coffee in Patras.
Our week there was very amazing with many new experiences for all of us – but much too short!
Madlin, Veronika, Bianca, Maria from Wörth in Germany